Animated sculptures that will impress you

Animated Flowers: Artist John Edmark presented his new project, which is likely to be a pity. With the smart use of light he created sculptures that move like weird animations from a computer. In fact, however, they are truly 3D printed objects that are naturally present.

They hypnotize with their movement as they have developed to come alive in a strange way.Animated

Edmark explains:

Blooms (flowers) are 3-D printed sculptures designed to animate when under light. Unlike the 3D zoetrope, which comes alive with a series of small changes in objects, the flowers come alive as a single stand-alone sculpture. With motion effects the bloom is achieved with progressive revolutions in the golden ratio. The rotation speed of the light base and bloom is synchronized so that a flash happens every time the bloom turns 137.5º

For the purpose of recording the following video, the camera had to be "set to a very short shutter speed to capture individual frames."

  RARBG: what are the exe that contain the videos?

See the amazing video with the animated flowers of Edmark

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