Destroying 1.069 mining pc with a roller

Malaysian authorities smashed 1.069 computers to extract cryptocurrencies with a roller coaster because their owners stole $ 2 million worth of electricity.


In the state of Sarawak, Malaysia, authorities destroyed 1.069 cryptocurrency mining machines by smashing them with a roller coaster. According to a publication in the Malaysian Dayak Daily, computers were confiscated in six raids that took place between February and April 2021.

Sarawak Energy Berhad, the electricity company in the state of Malaysia, accuses the owners of the machines of stealing electricity for their activities. The robbery was allegedly worth a total of $ 8,8 million in local currency, roughly equivalent to $ 2 million.

Users who want to professionally mine cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, use computers built for this purpose, and the process usually consumes a huge amount of electricity. So it's no surprise that energy theft usually refers to places where miners operate.

In Britain, for example, the country's Security Service raided a company that had intense kinetic and thermal activity, thinking it was cannabis cultivation and were found in a mining company with theft of electricity from the country's electricity network.

Malaysian police chief Hakemal Hawari told the Dayak Daily that theft of energy for mining companies has become so intense this year, and so far three houses have been burnt down as a result of illegal electrical connections.

Watch the roller crush the mining machines in the video below. If you are wondering how much they are worth, we inform you that you see 1,26 million US dollars in material being crushed by a giant machine.




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