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Katsanevas vs. Wikipedia: Obliged to remove "shame"


For the first time compels – even temporarily – a user of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia () yes text he has posted, even with references to public reliable sources, such as a series of publications in the printed press. The interim order, issued yesterday by the President of the Athens Court of First Instance, partially accepted the application for interim measures made by academic and political Theodoros Katsanevas asking for the deletion from his curriculum content Wikipedia reference to the designation of "reproach" which his former father-in-law Andreas Papandreou. With the application for interim measures, which is being discussed at 11 March 2014, Th. Katsanevas turns against ELLAK (Free Software - Open Source Software Company) and the user who had made the post in question by referring to a series of publications as required by the Wikipedia proper use policy. The chairman of the court, who considered Mr Katsaneva's request, rejected the request for FLAK, but instead accepted it for the user. The attorney-at-law of Mr. Hara Dauti pointed out to the magistrate that her principal had made the posting in question using public and reliable sources, which were specific publications for which the other party had never been seeking legal protection before.
It is worth noting that Wikipedia is a collective encyclopedic project founded on Dia, global and multilingual. It aims to provide freely reusable content with objective and verifiable content , which anyone can modify and improve.
According to Ms. Zaouti, for the first time a court decision - a temporary order - obliges a user who strictly followed the rules, to download his post. Her client, as she assures, will comply with the court decision, however, say lawyers, this does not prevent any other user from restoring the same post.
It is noted that the case is also pending of Mr. Katsaneva, which is scheduled to be discussed in January 2016. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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