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Your keyboard is equipped with over a hundred different buttons, each serving a second function beyond the original, thus providing a versatility (hotkeys). When the time comes when your mouse will not work (and believe us, it will happen to you at some point) either because it does not have a battery or spoil it, then you will have to rely entirely on your keyboard, yours is not touch.

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Windows keeps secret the secret of this enhanced navigation through hotkeys, since there is no built-in method to see which keys you need, let alone to change their function. You are quite familiar with some hotkeys and so we will not mention them, but we will point out some that are practically in the right conditions.

Surely, hotkeys are changing over the years with every new version of Windows that introduces new methods of accessibility. Today you can just leave your mouse and start using only the keyboard, and you'll see that you can handle your programs completely without being as time-consuming as you might imagine.

If you have pinned some program icons on the taskbar, you probably do not know that you can run them through hotkeys by default on Windows. For example, by clicking the buttons Win + 1 immediately launches the first program on the taskbar. With Win + 2 the second, and generally the same applies to up to ten of its icons taskbar.

Navigate between your active windows by pressing the key combination Alt + Tab. In addition, you can use them Win + M and Win + Shift + M to minimize and restore all your windows back to their respective locations.

Additionally, word processing accepts several hotkey keys, such as Ctrl + Shift + V to paste the original format of the copied text. Or you could win if you learn to use them  Ctrl + Delete / Backspace to delete the whole word.

If you have fine print issues then you can use the keys, Win + Plus / Minus (+/-) which adjust the Windows magnifying glass, regardless of the active window. And if your running application supports fullscreen then click them  Alt + Enter . When something refuses to cooperate and gets stuck, press them Ctrl + Shift + Escape to enable Task Manager.

Needless to say, there are many more hotkeys. Knowing and using them, on the one hand, can also earn us keystroke time, but it reminds us that they do not need sophisticated applications for comfortable editing and navigation on our computer.

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