KeyMe company scans your keys

A company called KeyMe in the United States of America had four years ago launched an app that could scan your keys to get as many copies as you want. Now it goes a step further by building automatic carpeting and keyboards, just like automatic locksmiths.


The company KeyMe, he offered until recently one application for iOS and Android that digitally crawled your keys and saved their image in the cloud. Beyond that, if you ever lost your keys, you could refer to the database and get whatever you want with a price of course.

The company announced today that it is taking a step further by building 2.000 kiosks where you can scan any key you have, either simple or car (including transceivers). These automated kiosks are only targeted at the US market and will be placed by the end of this year.

In your question about data security, the company says that the kiosks record the transaction in a detailed history and use fingerprint technology to access scanned keys.

Interestingly, KeyMe is moving at the moment the market tends to digitize consumer goods, and the first locks are now available to the general public, which are now opened with fingerprints, mobile phone commands, etc., overloading the traditional traditional iron keys.

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