Kissenger: Kiss by phone

Receive Kissenger, the robotic mobile phone device that lets you kiss your loved one from far away.


His name may be reminiscent of US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who instead of kissing sent bombs to millions of people from miles away but has nothing to do with it. His name is a combination of the words kiss and messenger in English. OR device Kissenger is a bit longer than a protective case and has a piece of silicone at the bottom. Below this piece there are high precision force sensors that read the movements of the user's lips and send them to the interlocutor's device which in turn reproduces them.

Creator of this imaginative device is the Emma Yann Zhang, who recently presented her at the conference "Love and sex with robots".

Kissenger is Zhang's doctorate and plans to continue her research at London City University's laboratories. Consumers will probably see this product very soon in stores.

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