Kitty Hawk the flying car of Larry Page

Kitty Hawk: It is known that the Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company, invests in every crazy idea. His last "hobby" is the flying car.

Planets of this mysterious new vehicle that appeared on the internet show a rather weird vehicle called Kitty Hawk.Kitty Hawk

Created by Sebastian Thrun, who helped create Google's own self-driving project.
The prototype of the Kitty Hawk Flyer looks like a very small helicopter without all the "unnecessary" intended to protect the driver. Last Monday, Thrun gave a link via Twitter that leads to Kitty Hawk's website.

The electric aircraft look very much like Jet Sky. The final version will obviously look very different, as this prototype does not look like something that can provide you with so much security.

The flying vehicle weighs approximately 100 pounds and can fly up to 25 miles per hour. Kitty Hawk can take off and land vertically, just like a helicopter. Just sit on it as you would with a Jet Sky and you can control it, with buttons and a joystick, again like a helicopter.

The machine is obviously safe, tested and legal to operate within the United States, as long as it is flying in areas where there is no problem. You do not need to have a pilot license to fly it, since you can learn how to handle it with a few hours of training.

At the moment we do not know how much it will cost, but the first stakeholders will have a discount of 2.000 dollars if they pay up to 100 dollars from today.

Check out the project website and video below:

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