New screens from AOC and Studio FA Porsche

Η AOC expands its range of monitors with two new distinct models. In with the world-famous design house Studio F. A. , the new 24 " AOC PDS241 and 27 ” AOC PDS271 redefines any user expectation.

Equipped with AH-IPS panel 3-free sides, an asymmetrical metal base and a sleek design  -slim, its two new screens AOC they pull all their eyes on them even when they are off. The PDS241 and PDS271 is the first modular PC monitors that combine power and power outputs HDMI in just one emanating from the base itself, thus drawing all attention and admiration to the modest display. Porsche

In addition to their impressive appearance, they have AH-IPS panels  enriched with technology AOC SuperColor WCG covering a wide range of colors and providing wider angles. Porsche

Pioneering, slim and elegant design

When two legends meet, amazing things can happen. The famous dedicated AOC monitor company and studio legend Studio FA Porsche teamed up to bring the most beautiful screens on the market. The design philosophy behind this screen is inspired by the philosophy of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. According to his approach, "Εάν αναλύσεις τη λειτουργία ενός αντικειμένου, η μορφή του γίνεται φανερή.” Στην πιο απλή μορφή, ένα is just a screen. But in reality, this simplistic view is covered by bulky bases and lots of cables hanging from the back. The new AOC PDS series of screens redefines the traditional screen design approach.

"The expressive shape of the display base emphasizes the simple idea of ​​integrating cables into the base. The form not only follows the functionality, but upgrades it with the asymmetrical shape, in an elegant and refined way. ” - says Henning Rieseler, Head of Studio FA Porsche Berlin. ”

The 24 screens "PDS241 and 27" PDS271 will attract every user interested in the style, such as company executives, designers and artists. At the front, the asymmetric metallic base emphasizes the design of 3-free sides. Looking from the sides, the screens are thinner than the latest smartphones that are running, with just 5,2 mm thickness. The Studio FA Porsche designed the screens to stand out with their sleek looks even on the back - both the power and the signal of the screen pass through the base leading to a separate box. As a result, pure appearance embodies what should be a monitor - just a screen.

“Είμαστε πολύ περήφανοι για το αποτέλεσμα της συνεργασίας της AOC με το σχεδιαστικό οίκο Studio F. A. Porsche. Οι νέες φουτουριστικές και κομψές οθόνες της σειράς PDS δηλώνουν ξεκάθαρα την αφοσίωση της AOC στη δημιουργία καινοτόμων of - both in technology and design" says Stefan Sommer, AOC Director Marketing & Business Management.

Wide range of colors and wide viewing angles

The 24 ”PDS241 and 27” PDS271 screens catch the eye even when they are off. But they really shine when activated, thanks to the latest technology AH-IPS panels that offer 1920 × 1080 pixels in Full HD with ultra-wide viewing angles of 178°. AOC SuperColor WCG technology enables monitors to cover 100% sRGB and 90% of the NTSC color gamut.


For those who literally can't take their eyes off these screens, they are both equipped with AOC Low Blue Light and AOC Flicker-Free technologies. AOC Low Blue Light technology reduces harmful blue light μικρού μήκους κύματος. Από την άλλη, η τεχνολογία AOC Flicker-Free ρυθμίζει τη φωτεινότητα της οθόνης με ένα σύστημα οπίσθιου φωτισμού DC (Direct Current) αντί για το PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), ανακουφίζοντας έτσι την κούραση των ματιών ακόμη και κατά τη διάρκεια μεγάλων περιόδων χρήσης. Μια HDMI allows users to connect everything from and laptops to game consoles and set-top boxes, while with the audio output they connect or speakers.

AOC PDS241 and PDS271 models will be available in the market in June 2017, with an indicative retail price of € 219 and € 299 respectively. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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