Closing of 3 top VPNs by Europol

Αρχές επιβολής του νόμου έκλεισαν σε μια διεθνή συνεργασία, υπηρεσίες VPN που παρείχαν ασφαλή καταφύγια σε εγκληματίες στον κυβερνοχώρο. Οι συγκεκριμένες υπηρεσίες VPN χρησιμοποιούνταν για τη διεξαγωγή επιθέσεων ransomware, web , spear phishing και κλοπή λογαριασμών.

The Safe-Inet virtual private network (VPN), which was used by criminals from around the world, has been shut down since December 21, 2020, in a coordinated law enforcement operation led by s of Reutlingen together with Europol but also law enforcement agencies from around the world. Europol issued the announcement for seizure. Today the closed domains display the following message

Safe-net was shut down and its infrastructure was confiscated in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and the United States. The three domains seized were, and The servers stopped working and the homepage shown above (created by Europol) appeared online immediately after the domain confiscation.

The Safe-Inet domain has been active for over a decade and has been used by some of the biggest cyber criminals, such as ransomware gangs, e-skimming and more.
Administrators were selling the VPN service to cybercriminals as one of the best available if one wanted to avoid detection by the authorities.

The prices were very high because the service offered up to 5 levels of anonymous VPN connections.

Authorities were able to locate about 250 worldwide that criminals were spying on using this VPN. These companies were warned of impending ransomware attacks on their systems so they could take the necessary measures s.

The following is the list of efollowing law enforcement agencies:

Germany: Reutlingen Police Headquarters
Netherlands: National Police
Switzerland: Canton Police (Kantonspolizei Aargau)
United States: Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI
France: Centrale de la Police Judiciaire
Europol: European Cybercrime Center (EC3) The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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