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Laimonas Zakas The Most Interesting Artist - Hacker on Facebook

Laimonas Zakas1
Laimonas Zakas

Ο Laimonas Zakas is the man behind the Glitchr, who once was characterized as "the most curious thing on Twitter".

You may have heard of it fanpage on Facebook or his Twitter account, which are bold statements of opposition to the white walls of the corporate unit (and the standard HTML protocol) and are full of coded madness and signs of dysfunction that resemble coughing or sneezing on white canvas.

It all started 2011 when Zakas fell on an unusual set of Unicode characters on Facebook. He experimented with this and made his own, forming a fanpage that is considered artistic action (performance art). Twitter's @glitchr_is just as interesting, filled with Unicode characters that drip, confuse and explode outside the standard parameters of what is allowed in social media.

As a "social media breaker," his work can be posted and deleted quickly, with the result that Zakas exhibits his work in a gallery. This May, you can see his work at Opificio in Rome, where his work will be composed on slides, showing frantic distortions of social media and at the same time bringing his deleted work back to life.

Zakas, who now studies media technology at Leiden University in the Netherlands, told us about his relationship with Facebook employees, "glitch graffity" and what he thinks China got its expired domain .

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TheCreatorsProject: Can you tell us about your upcoming show on Opificio;

Glitchr: In short, the show will have to do with what's pioneering in socialmedia. Recording of Glitchr's interventions on social media: prints, videos and an installation / interpretation on which I still work. We will be there with the Lithuanian producer 96wrld, so I will have a collaboration with him both at the start and the party that will follow.

In some of your reports you get it online your work and you bring it offline. How much your work changes from URL is done IRLin your eyes;

That's what we will do, also in Rome, since most of the things I've done on Facebook have already been lost forever. The only way to present them is offline. After having gone through history, I planned to emphasize them by printing most of my dialed diagrams and using a slider projector for the presentation (just like Jon Rafmania did his show at The Future Gallery last year).

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Laimonas Zakas

How did all this work?

In the summer of 2011, I fell on some mad Unicode characters on Facebook, which stretched up, down and everywhere. Then, I had no idea what this was (I think most people feel the same today when they discover Glitchr for the first time). But after a little research and experimentation, I was already able to do it myself and it was so fun I decided to create a page to share everything.

You paint me Unicode, what is philosophy? It's about  performanceArticle;

My original idea was to explore how far I can go, beyond the tight limitations of Facebook setting. It all started with Unicode combinations, but later I discovered that I could incorporate the graphic elements of the website (chat boxes / search barcards / captchas etc) into the posts and thus distort the whole set up even more. That's what caught the attention of Facebook developers. It's performance art, as well as net art and site-specific art even digital graffiti. It gets so many labels.

Η fanpage deactivated in December of 2011? Who helped to restore it?

Fortunately not, the page only disappeared from Facebook once in December 2011. All I did then was open Google's cached version of Glitchr on Facebook and to my surprise I found that it contained all the recent posts with lists of people who did like / commented on them. So I just filtered the likes of some posts and found at least 10 people who were obviously working on Facebook (developers, designers, etc.). Then I emailed them and most of them responded by saying they were willing to help. One of them wrote that my page was disabled because it had some non-alphanumeric characters or mixed character sets in the title (it was indeed quite confusing at the time). Shortly afterwards, Glitchr reappeared on Facebook only with a changed title and category (formerly in the 'professional sports team' category). The same guy said that I would do well with Facebook's "white hat" program (where for every mistake mentioned, they give you $ 500). However, I never mentioned any of the errors I discovered.

How many of his employees Facebook is her fancy fanpageyou? 'Fix' your bugs?

I've seen a few dozen things, but it's hard enough to say the exact number. And yes, of course, they fix the bugs. One of the Facebook programmers came to my show at the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center in Vilnius, 2012 and we had a nice chat. He said they even thought to call me at Menlo Park to "cause malfunctions" to the actual walls of Facebook's headquarters. And yes, they fix all the bugs on a regular basis. Fortunately, I have all the previous posts recorded.

The Twitter has left you quiet?

Twitter seems to be okay with what I do there. But perhaps because it is limited to text and images, so the most exorbitant thing I can do there is to post Unicode combinations. I also have Tumblr, but the problem with this is that there is a lot of freedom. So some of my last posts were so big that for over a year now I can not access my dashboard, it just freezes. Some time I managed to approach it, but it was too late.

The same goes for the 'about' section on Facebook. I teased her so wildly a few years ago that after they changed the admin panel of Facebook pages, I can no longer process any information. It just loads non-stop. I once let it load all night, hoping it would load in the morning, but it still loaded the next day… Ω, and in the same unchanged 'about' section, the site is set up on, which I posted a few years ago and basically redirected to Glitchr's Facebook page. But when I forgot to renew my domain registration last year, it was immediately acquired by a Chinese man. I do not know what they are trying to sell there, but it seems ridiculous. And I think they should get clicks from Glitchr fans.

Laimonas Zakas4
Laimonas Zakas

You designed one limited-editiont-Shirts, will there be something different or something similar to be released?

Oh, yeah, I made 100 white T-shirts 2012, and then on request 50 2013 XNUMX. Both of them were sold out in one or two days, and I still get an email asking if I'm having a surplus. So I think maybe I can make one more batch.

What is the error you discovered lately?

I discovered some nice bugs in Facebook's notes. But I will wait until I get my Macbook Pro back and document it correctly (I've been using a really useless computer for a few months ... and Glitchr is not loading properly).

How do you feel about "distinctive sign";

I love it! Perhaps not the mark itself, but the fact but the fact that one can stow what one wants on top of each other and make enormous characters. This is really exciting. Although three years after I started working on it, I still have not been bored.

Have you been in Lithuania for all this time?

I started in Lithuania, but then I moved to the Netherlands where I am now studying Media Technology at Leiden University.

You are not Greek, right?

I have nothing to do with Greece. Confusion is probably due to my name (which is a common Lithuanian name), but to some it may sound Greek.

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Laimonas Zakas
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