LG GM79G new 24 inch gaming screen

LG Electronics presents in the Greek market the new 24GM79G display that offers an incredibly fast refresh rate at 144Hz. LG's new model features an 24 16 9 1920 1080 screen and XNUMX x XNUMX Full HD resolution for performance that meets even the most demanding gamers.

The new LG monitor delivers color rendering with great precision and incredible realism. With Motion Blur Reduction one millisecond, it allows an even more natural flow of graphics, minimizing the afterimages that often appear in fast-changing and fast-paced video games.

Χρησιμοποιώντας επίσης την τεχνολογία AMD FreeSync, προσφέρει εμπειρίες high – end gaming στους αφού εξαλείφει τα προβλήματα που προκαλούνται λόγω της διαφοράς στο ρυθμό ανανέωσης της οθόνης και της κάρτας γραφικών.LG

With a 24-inch 16:9 aspect ratio screen, LG's new display allows users to enjoy an exciting gaming experience. Featuring the Black Stabilizer function, which improves visibility even in the darkest areas, as well as Dynamic Action Sync, a function that drastically reduces the time in data input (input lag), so that gamers can enjoy the fast pace of games without any delay, the new LG monitor is the ideal choice for those who have high demands on their gaming equipment.

In addition, the screen offers the Game Mode option, through which o can adjust the image quality depending on the genre of the game being played such as FPS, RTS and Games.

Finally, the new monitor is energy-efficient, certified by the ENERGY STAR organization. ENERGY STAR certified products consume an average of 25% less energy than conventional products.

The new LG 24GM79G monitor will be available in the Greek market since April.

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