Linux Mint 21.1 Vera ISO

The next “Vera” version of Linux Mint 21.1 started appearing today in various of the official repositories of the Ubuntu-based distribution, which means that the developers are preparing for an official release

This also means that if you can't wait until Linux Mint 21.1 is officially announced, you can download the final ISO images with Cinnamon, Xfce or MATE desktops right now.

The new release is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and is supported by the long-term supported Linux kernel series 5.15 LTS. Linux Mint 21.1 “Vera” features the latest and greatest Cinnamon 5.6 UI for its top edition, as well as Xfce 4.16 and MATE 1.26 for the other two official editions.

Driver Manager has been updated with an improved user interface with redesigned offline support, proper Debconf support, which comes as good news for NVIDIA users when SecureBoot is enabled, and the ability to clear caches from removed drivers.

For an in-depth look at what's new in Linux Mint 21.1, check out the full release notes here, hereAnd here.

Download the “Vera” version The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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