Live Tiles: Remove from Windows 10?

A rumor that appeared a week ago Reported that Microsoft is preparing to stop the appearance of live tiles in Windows 10.

The company is rumored to be trying to create a more static Start Menu for better and more efficient startups.

So it looks like the company is already ready for this major change in Windows 10, after a key feature was removed from the latest builds of 19H1.

End to Live Tiles?

Such as reported on Twitter, the latest version of Windows 10 19H1 no longer includes an option to add new applications to the Start menu, but only displays a setting to launch them after the installation is complete.

This means that live tiles will no longer be created in the Start menu. This new approach can be seen as the first step in removing this feature borrowed by the company from Windows Phones.

It should be noted here that although the above change exists in the latest preview build of Windows 10, Microsoft has not officially confirmed any of the above.

However, as the original rumor said, this change of mentality could be implemented gradually.
For starters Microsoft could just create a static Start Menu in Windows Lite, the new version of the company's operating system based on Windows 10 and will use only applications from the Microsoft Store.

If this Start menu is adopted, the new menu design could be extended to all versions of Windows 10 at some point in the future, although today's discovery suggests that the new idea may be adopted much earlier than expected.

As for the reasons for removing live tiles, it is that users do not seem to be so interested in this feature.




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