The Lizard Squad opens a DDoS business

The team members Lizard Squad they promised to leave the networks of Sony and Microsoft but in the meantime create a DDoS business where everyone can choose to set any goal.

The tool they offer for rent is called Lizard Stresser and there are many subscription packages available, starting with monthly prices ranging from 5,99 dollars for an 100-second attack up to 129,99 dollars for an eight-hour attack.lizard squad

Hackers also provide a Lifetime package which is the most expensive and reaches $ 500. The "Lifetime" package will be valid for a period of five years.

Of course, payments are only accepted with Bitcoin to avoid the "business" being identified by the authorities. However, the hackers do not seem to have the sense of risk, since they announced their plans to receive payments from the PayPal service as well.Lizard Stresser

At the time of writing, the total available bandwidth used by Lizard Stresser reaches 600Gbps. The Lizard Squad report that using only half the bandwidth threw the PSN and Xbox Live networks on Christmas Day.

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