Frustrations from MacBook Pro and Apple in general

Apple announced the update of the MacBook Pro yesterday and apart from an important feature that the device brings, we could say that it was a simple update.

This in itself is frustrating considering how much time has passed since Apple reviewed the design and hardware of its super laptop. apple disappointment

In addition, Microsoft's Surface Studio presentation timeframe that surprised the technology industry has made the Apple event seem weak and unintelligible.

The company that was once known for leading the technology market with new product categories and bold moves seems to lack inspiration…

The new Touch Bar is a malfunction on its own: the OLED multitouch screen, which contains function and control buttons for the applications you use, might well find some fans.

But it seems to have been rather impressive and not as well thought out as it could and would have expected.

If you are editing photos or videos, for example, and try to use a large external monitor on your laptop - the built-in Touch Bar will also appear unusable.

The idea is not exactly new. Razer presented a similar idea that called Switchblade in the Blade gaming laptop that was released by 2012. This does not mean that the Touch Bar utility does not offer anything, but it proves that Apple does not think much ahead in the future, as it once did.


The cheapest Touch Bar you can buy is the basic model of the 13-inch MacBook Pro that costs $ 1.800.

Sure, the Macs are known for their longevity and impressive build quality, but that does not mean that 1800 dollars are a cheap price.

And as Quartz reports, the cost of these new laptops is hard to justify considering the price of the accessories on display in non-Apple stores.

Selecting an 1TB SSD instead of the 512GB standard laptop 13-inch laptop goes up by 400 dollars. Meanwhile, you can buy an 1TB SSD with similar performance for 468 dollars from Amazon.

Apple math just doesn't play…

Of course, it is very likely that the new benefits of the MacBook will impress with their performance. But if you have to pay too much what you will buy where is the innovation?

Of course not only Apple. Microsoft and its latest Surface Studio are also expensive. The big challenge here was to make new technology available at affordable prices, and apparently no company has been able to do that.

One of the main features of Apple's products is the single ecosystem, but it seems that the company this time managed to deliver more slowness rather than retain it. The MacBook Pro is equipped with USB-C that can not connect to your new iPhone 7, unless you buy a $ 20 adapter or a new cable.
Likewise, you can not connect your Lightning headphones to your new laptop.

On the other hand, the new MacBook Pro comes with a good 3,5 earphone plug. Thank you very much Apple.

With the release of new lighter and finer MacBook Pro, Apple is actually killing affordable MacBook Air starting at the reasonable price of 1.000 dollars.

So if you are looking for an Apple laptop at this price, your options are limited to the $ 12 1300-inch MacBook, or the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar starting at $ 1.500. At the same prices of course you could buy a Chromebook or even two.

As it turns out Apple is not going through its best moments. The company made every effort to present its new products on stage yesterday with fancy graphics but the annoying presentation served only to expose Apple's inability to innovate, as it once did.

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