Manjaro 20.0.1 Lysia for Windows users

The distribution Manjaro 20.0.1 Lysia has just been released. The operating system Manjaro based on the Arch Linux and is a very good choice for Windows users who want to try Linux. The new version is ready for download after just two months of development.

Available in three versions, Xfce, KDE and Gnome, with some specifics for each of them.

What does the upgrade of the stable branch bring?

Almost all of the Kernels used by the distribution have been upgraded

Systemd in version 245.5

KDE-git packages updated

Thunderbird in version 68.8.0

Pamac in version 9.5

Deepin theme in version 20

Updated browsers: Firefox 76.0.1, Firefox-Dev 77.0b3, Palemoon 28.9.3

Along with the usual upstream updates

The Arch distribution upgraded the default compression to zstd. So the distribution Manjaro υιοθέτησε το ίδιο standard. Αν για κάποιο λόγο παρουσιαστεί σφάλμα με το ZSTD τρέξτε τις εντολές:

sudo pacman -Syy

sudo pacman -S pacman-static

sudo pacman-static -Syyu

Windows users thinking about trying it out Linux, will be very happy with this distribution. The operating system will automatically install the drivers that your system needs, and will continue to update as it is a rolling release in its standards Arch Linux.

Download the new versionο/manjarο-xfce-20.0.1-200511-linux56.iso

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