TorghostNG Make your navigation anonymous

TorghostNG is a tool that anonymizes your entire web traffic through the Tor network.


It is based on the TorGhost repository and is written in Python 3.

TorghostNG has been tested in distributions:

  • Kali Linux
  • Manjaro
  • ...

What's new in TorghostNG 1.2

  • The update_commands command in
  • Some changes were made to
  • Also some changes to
  • Now you can use Tor by simply adding -r

Before using TorghostNG

  • For the good of the Tor network, BitTorrent traffic will be blocked by iptables. Although you can skip it with some modifications with the client torrent. It is difficult to completely block all torrent traffic ..
  • For security reasons TorghostNG will disable the protocol to prevent leaks.

Installing it TorghostNG

TorghostNG is currently supported by distributions:

  • GNU / Linux distributions based on Arch Linux
  • GNU / Linux distributions based on / Ubuntu
  • GNU / Linux distributions based on , CentOS, RHEL, openSUSE
  • Solus OS
  • Void linux
  • From an experienced user to Slackware

To install TorghostNG, open Terminal and type the following commands:

root @ kali: ~ # git clone

root @ kali: ~ # cd TorghostNG

root @ kali: ~ # python3 py

root @ kali: ~ # sudo torghostng



-h, –help Display the help message and then exit

-s, –start Starts the in Tor.

-x, –stop the connection to Tor stops.

-r, –renew Makes a new connection to the tor.

-id COUNTRY ID Connects the torrent node of a specific country. Search Country ID from

-mac INTERFACE Makes a change to a random MAC address. We use 'ifconfig' to show us the available devices.

-c, –checkip Checks the IPv4 address.

–Dns Corrects DNS when the web page is not available.

-l, –language Changes the . English is the default.

–List Checks the list of available languages.

-u, –update Checks for upgrades.

–Nodelay Disables the delay time

Also to say that a combination of two options can be done

How to upgrade TorghostNG

Open Terminal and type torghostng -u with sudo to update TorghostNG, it will download the new TorghostNG to / root because you are using it as root. If you do not like it, you can type git pull -f and sudo python3

It is recommended that you use NoScript before browsing the web with Tor. NoScript blocks JavaScript / Java / Flash scripts on websites to make sure they don't reveal your real .



  • Do not upload spam or do DoS attacks with Tor.
  • Do not use tor to download torrents. There are also vpn for this job.

Torghost Screenshots (Version 1.0)

Change MAC address: torghostng -m INTERFACE


Change IP address: torghostng -c

Disconnect from Tor: torghostng -x

Connect to the Tor exitnode in a specific country: torghostng -id COUNTRY ID

Uninstall TorghostNG: python3 The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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