Manjaro Linux 16.10 Fringilla has just been released

In previous publication we announced the updates of the Manjaro Linux rolling distribution before the official announcement, but it seems the update is upgrading the system to Manjaro Linux 16.10 Fringilla.

The Xfce version remains the default desktop manager, and according to the Manjaro Linux 16.10 announcement, few can claim to offer such an integrated and groundbreaking Xfce experience. Manjaro Linux 1610

The new distribution comes with Xfce 4.12, and there is a new Vertex-Maia theme.

The KDE version comes with Plasma 5,8 desktop in conjunction with the latest KDE applications.

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Updated: Plasma 5.8.2, Firefox 49.0, Nvidia 370.28, LibreOffice 5.1.6, Systemd 231, Octopi 0.8.5 and Pamac 4.1.5. Calamares comes in the 2.4.3 version.

Read all the changelog from the official announcement:

Those of you who want the Live DVD to test or for a clean installation choose from the following links:


Direct Download (64-bit)

Direct Download (32-bit)

Torrent Download


Direct Download (64-bit)

Direct Download (32-bit)

Torrent Download

If these flavors do not satisfy you, check with the Community repository for upcoming releases

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