Manjaro Linux: update brings Linux Kernel 4.8.5-2

The Manjaro Linux operating system was updated today in 2016-10-31. The update has not yet been officially announced.

For those who do not know the operating system, Manjaro is based on Arch Linux and its goal is to make things easier for novice Linux users.
Manjaro's installation is simple and can be done with two different graphical applications but also traditional via the terminal.
Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux generally deserves your attention and leaves many promises for the future. The myth that we found working on distribution is that it's not just a distribution for beginners but rather for Arch fans who do not have time.

Manjaro Linux automates a lot of processes that Arch has to do manually.

Today, distribution has been updated by adding new features and improvements to existing ones. The kernel as seen in the following image was upgraded to 4.8.5-2 from 4.8.4-1, and almost all libraries (bluez libs, lib32, etc.) and its applications (like libreoffice) with some graphics (numix). manjaroSo, those who use the distribution simply run the Software Update or run the following command from your terminal:

sudo pacman -Syyu

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