Mathesis: Applied Machine Learning with Python (Free)

Mathesis: The 4th industrial revolution is in full swing. Biology, Physics and Informatics lay the foundations for a future we would hardly have imagined even a few years ago.python

Extending life expectancy, fighting nanocrystalline cancer, human interaction with robots, computational vision and new revolutionary methods of modifying human DNA are just some of the developments that we used to describe as science fiction, but today they are in the realm of the possible.

In this course, after a first overview of the changes that are taking place, the President and scientists of the Institute of Technology and Research will introduce us to three aspects of tomorrow.

We will first look at man's attempt to defeat disease and old age. Subsequently

we will look at the rapid developments that bring to medicine - and not only - physics and especially nanotechnology and then we will analyze important challenges that Artificial Intelligence brings us. Finally, we will discuss the ethical dilemmas and legal issues that arise in the brave, new world that is emerging.

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Instructors: N. Tavernarakis, A. Argyros, S. Giannopoulos,
A. Lappas, P. Trachanias, Institute of Technology and Research
P. Sourlas, Law School of the University of Athens

Inception: 21/2/2022

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The Mathesis Center for Open Online Courses was founded in 2015 — with the initiative and main responsibility of Stefanos Trachanas — as a special section of the University Publications of Crete (PEK) with the sole purpose of creating and offering free to students, professional scientists and the general public. online courses at the level of the best international standards.

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