Matrix PowerWatch 2 charging with body temperature!

CES 2019 Matrix PowerWatch 2: Wearables can provide us with a host of functions, as long as you have a charger. The new Matrix PowerWatch 2 never needs to be charged as its battery can be filled with your body heat and the sun!

Matrix PowerWatch 2

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 operates with thermoelectric and solar cell technology. So even if you live in a country where the sun is hard to find, you will not run out of battery, according to the manufacturers.

Matrix PowerWatch 2 has:

Display: 1,2 inch color LCD screen
Water resistance: up to 200 meters
Sensors and capabilities: GPS, optical heart rate, basic sleep monitoring
Dimensions: 42 mm in diameter, is thin at 15 mm and weighs 70 grams.

There is support for notifications from your smartphone and it can work with the Apple HealthKit and Google Fit platforms.

There are smartphone apps for iOS and Android, so you can use PowerWatch 2 with your preferred device. The PowerWatch 2 will be released this summer and will cost $ 499.

Watch the video

A promotional campaign is currently running on Indiegogo where the first ones who want to support the project will be able to get the PowerWatch 2 with a 60% discount, ie at 199 dollars.

The device according to the manufacturers does not need a charger.


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