MemoryMirror: allows you to try different clothes effortlessly

MemoryMirror: For some people, shopping is fun and for others it's just something that's necessary. No matter how you see it, you spend hours of inconvenience by putting it around and looking for clothes until you find what suits you. Especially if you belong to the nice sheet.

The solution so far is provided by Memomi with a digital mirror, the memorymirror, who can enlighten you perfectly if you fit your garment. Using simple body movements, or through a cell phone application, you can see in the mirror an 360 degree of viewing your self to understand how you look from all corners as well as to see next to the clothes you care about and that you have already tried.


And it does not stop there. The digital mirror allows you to change the color of the garments with a gesture or see a combination of clothes in different colors in real time without even going to the paravan to change clothes.

And of course if you want a second opinion MemoryMirror lets you save a variety of full-length pictures or videos and share them with your friend via text message.


Another example of the increasingly dominant Internet of Things, MemoryMirror is designed for a shopping shop, capturing snapshots and videos from what you try. Using simple body movements, or through a companion mobile app, you can check the mirror to see 360 degrees back and side and observe the clothes side by side.

The technology allows you to change the color of the garments with a gesture or see a dependency in different colors in real time without changing clothes.


How often do you want a second opinion while shopping alone? Instead of resorting to a poor quality self - portrayal, the MemoryMirror allows you to capture a variety of entire body even video images that you can share with your friends.

On the other hand, shopkeepers also have a stake in this technology. The mirror is designed on the one hand to send recommendations and prompts from the store employee to customers directly through the mirror on the other hand does not help them gather information about the buyer's preferences, according to the following informative video, although the video, also says that users control their information and can choose to be anonymous.

Neiman Marcus retail outlets in California are the first to offer their customers the MemoMi technology, but we think there will be more.


Watch the video below:

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