The NSA Christmas Gift: Disclosure of the Watch

Christmas Surprise by NSA: If you want to release something that no one will give him meaning, is there better timing than Christmas Eve? At least, this seems to be the reasoning of the US National Security Service, which yesterday evening, released detailed reports illustrating any illegal espionage made to American citizens. Ho Ho Ho!

nsa operations center
NSA Business Center - Photo: Wired

The occult papers were circulated in response to a lawsuit filed by the US Civil Liberties Union under the Freedom of Information Act. Many of these privacy violations have been reported in the past, but these documents show new details. A series of annual and quarterly reports from 2001 to the second quarter of 2013 are now available to every citizen (PDF), and cover some of its greatest successes NSA:

Spying on service partners, more information about the practice called LOVEINT, mistakes targeting US citizens for espionage, database queries that returned non-target US citizens, storing stolen data on servers, and access by people without security controls .

In fact, with the documents provided by the agency, it is difficult to judge how often these privacy violations occur, although previous reports show that they happen thousands of times a year as TheVerge reports.

E-mail promotions between agents and "unauthorized recipients" containing U.S. citizen IDs, making IDs available in "unauthorized chatrooms," and providing classified information to those who were not allowed to see them are just a few of the issues raised. includes the NSA Christmas present.

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