Microsoft buys Israeli security company Cloud Adallom

Microsoft will buy the Israeli company Adallom for 320.000.000 dollars. Adalom launches security software for cloud services.adallom

Currently, the company has 90 employees (30 of them located in the US). When the acquisition is completed, it will act as an independent Microsoft division and will handle it as related to Microsoft Cloud Security.

Microsoft has so far not confirmed the information leaked by VB.

Israeli media Calcalist and Globes reported on the deal over the weekend, followed by Reuters and the Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft with CEO Satya Nadella is clearly looking to build "a smart cloud platform." Of course Cloud security is paramount for the company that in recent years seems to be investing heavily in the cloud. Internet-based applications like Office 365 generate a lot of revenue and the company definitely wants to make sure its data is secure.

The Adallom service monitors the use of the Amazon Web Services, Ariba, Box, Dropbox, Google Apps, Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Yammer cloud applications.

It collects data from the typical use of applications, analyzes them and alerts administrators of any abnormalities that could pose security issues.

Adalom started 2012 and currently has offices in Palo Alto, Calif., And Tel Aviv.



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