European Application Contest MICROSOFT AppCup 2015

MICROSOFT AppCup 2015: Windows 8.1 & Windows Phone 8.1 App Competition Invitation to participate from Microsoft Hellas!

AppCup is a European competition for small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups and developers. Appcup gives you the opportunity to compete with your own Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 applications in 3 core categories (B2B, B2C, CityNext, or how to make your city better with your application).MICROSOFT AppCup 2015

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Timetable MICROSOFT AppCup 2015:

15 February 2015: The deadline for declaring your application and taking part in the competition.

2 March 2015: The day when the names of those who passed to the final will be announced.

24-15 March 2015: The final in the IAMCP / BizSpark Summit in Brussels where the finalists will be invited to present their application to the committee.


All those who qualify for the final win coaching by one of the start-up mentors. In any winning application, two invitations will be given to the Microsoft Worldwide Partnering Conference in July 2015 in America or an Xbox and promotion of the application (depending on the membership category). Still in each category, they will be awarded to winning applications from a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, a Windows Phone 8.1 and a cup.

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Even if you do not know programming ...

... but you have a strong idea to implement and you want to implement it and take part in the contest, now you can. With Microsoft Project Siena you can create applications with rich graphics and perfect functionality. And all this without any programming knowledge requirement! Start today!

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