Microsoft Edge with Copilot and on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge already has an AI sidebar with Bing powered by ChatGPT, which lets you ask the search engine anything, just like you do on

Bing integration is limited to and ChatGPT, but that could change soon as Microsoft releases a new update that turns Edge into a full browsing with artificial intelligence for Windows 11 and Windows 10.

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Microsoft appears to have created a “” for Edge on Windows 11 and 10 for users who perform complex or simple tasks with the browser.

The new feature is officially called “actions” and “Copilot for Edge” and is designed to be a central AI assistant for Edge users. For example, with Edge's built-in Copilot on Windows 10 or 11, you can find answers to questions and customize browser settings, such as turning virtual tabs on or off, and more.

Edge's Copilot appears in the existing Bing AI sidebar in the browser. When you click the Bing icon, a sidebar will appear where you can ask Edge to change its settings, such as “switch to light mode from dark mode,” “enable vertical tabs,” “open download hub,” or open Collections.

You can interact with the browser like you do with Bing Chat or Windows Copilot for Windows 11.

Although it is Windows Copilot is exclusively available on Windows 11, Microsoft Edge's built-in Copilot also works on Windows 10. We might see it on macOS or even Linux at some point.

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The entire experience is powered by Bing, which uses ChatGPT-4 and ChatGPT-3 to turn your prompts into actions. Edge Copilot is currently in early development and does not support complex tasks such as launching a new browser window or opening in a new or existing tab.

Microsoft Edge Copilot won't be available to everyone right away, as it appears to be rolling out gradually to select users. Microsoft has yet to confirm the Edge Copilot update and how it plans to configure the browser using artificial intelligence.

The company's investments in artificial intelligence show no intention of slowing down, as we see it trying to integrate it into each of its products.

Note: the new feature is only available to selected insiders The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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