Microsoft Edge Comes ads and Office integration

Microsoft Edge based Chromium has already become popular with Firefox, mainly because the browser is lightweight and offers better performance / features. In Edge Canary, Microsoft is currently testing Office integration to help users access Microsoft 365 applications directly from the Edge menu.

The right-click menu of Microsoft Edge or the context menu for browser tabs will include a new option called "New Office Tab". As the name implies, this Edge option will allow users to open Microsoft Office web applications such as Word, PowerPoint and edge office integration

It also appears that the new Office integration will not be exclusive to Microsoft 365 subscribers, so you will be able to access a regular Microsoft account.

But in addition to integrating Office, Microsoft suddenly decided to run ads within Microsoft Edge. Following the recent updates, some users are seeing more alerts and ads for company services such as Microsoft Start (a modified MSN).
edge ad
As you can see in the image above, Microsoft is experimenting with more ads to appear on the page of each new browser tab.

Fortunately, you can close these pop-ups by pressing the "X", but that doesn't stop Microsoft from serving other ads in the future.

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