Microsoft Edge with in-line dictionary and new Password Monitor

The Windows 10 browser, Microsoft Edge, will have online dictionary functions. The upcoming feature was available on the old one Microsoft Edge.

In addition, Microsoft seems to be preparing a mini menu as well as an improved password tracking tool.

microsoft edge chromium

Microsoft is testing these new features in the Canary version of the Edge. The first new feature is the mini menu, which offers a much more "neat" experience featuring important options such as copy, Bing sidebar search and dictionary. You can enable it from the Browser Settings.

With the integration of the mini menu, Microsoft Edge will also offer dictionary functions, which means that you can select and highlight a word to get a definition from Bing-supported sources. This feature will not only work for web pages as users will also be able to open a PDF file in Edge and view descriptions in selected words.

mini menu

Once the new feature is activated, you will not need to copy a word and paste it into another tab to search for the definition in Google / Bing. As you can see in the image below, you will be able to see the definitions within the web pages or in the PDF.

microsoft edge dictionary

As mentioned at the outset, this feature was first added to the old version of Edge in 2019 and was lost when Microsoft released the Edge based on Chromium.

Microsoft removed many features as it began to develop the browser from scratch. But as it turns out, the company is slowly starting to add Edge legacy features.

In 2020, Microsoft Edge acquired a feature that lets users know if their passwords have been compromised. It is called Password Monitor.

With an upcoming release of Edge it will get a new feature that will reveal weak and reused passwords on all accounts. This feature is already available in preview versions.

The new Password Monitor will allow you to change your password if it is weak.



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