Microsoft has updated the Windows Insider Program site

Η ενημέρωσε τη σχεδίαση της ιστοs for the Windows Insider Program. The new design clearly explains the goal of the program and describes the new channels through which each interested user can participate.

The company recently renamed them Insider Rings in Channels and automatically convert the options to the new names in Windows 10 Settings.

The Fast Ring is done Dev Channel, the Slow ring became the Beta Channel and the Release Preview ring became the Release Preview Channel. The new name scheme is reminiscent of the name used by Microsoft to develop the Edge browser.

The new format in the Windows 10 settings describes the changes that have been made to the Insider program, but the new website also fully reflects the changes.

It also states as you can see in the image above which build exists on which channel.

The company considers that this new design is more user-friendly and understandable. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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