What Microsoft HoloLens can do

Τι είναι το Microsoft HoloLens; He is the first untethered holographic computer running with Windows 10!Microsoft HoloLens

The company renewed the new product website and with a remarkable video shows us what the new computer can do.

The computer really has nothing to do with what you have known so far. It seems to have come out of a film of science fiction. With the Microsoft HoloLens end the screens, keyboards, and mice. The future is here!

Holograms will be displayed in front of you with a set of 3D glasses. The "glasses" have a 120 degree camera on each lens, so they have a wider range than the one used by the Kinect. The sensors have a CPU, graphics chip and an HPU from the Holographic Processing Unit to produce holograms.

Watch the video and the new page the company's.

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