Microsoft has filed a DMCA for the Ninjutsu OS

Ninjutsu OS, a new tool that greatly modifies Windows 10. The tool makes so many modifications to Microsoft's operating system that the company filed a DMCA complaint. According to the copyright complaint, customizing, customizing, and disabling Windows 10 features, even when it improves privacy, is tantamount to violating Microsoft Software License.

From the first day of Windows release, there are too many applications that modify the Microsoft operating system to better suit the requirements of the owner.

Many of these tweaks are available with free tools on the internet, but the recently released Ninjutsu OS takes Windows 10 modding to a whole new level.

It was released on May 7, and claimed to be able to do it Windows 10 a penetration testing function, adding a huge number of tools (about 800) to security professionals, and some to regular users (qBitTorrent and Tor Browser, for example) while removing features that are considered unwanted or unnecessary for such an environment.

“I created this project to help beginners and students in the field of information security. "As you know, it is very difficult for beginners to run Windows and install all the tools and libraries of some software security applications," says Ninjutsu OS developer Hasan in TF.

As the image below shows, Ninjutsu's appearance is impressive and it is very likely to attract the target audience.

From June 6, 2020, the project there was on Github, but according to a DMCA complaint filed by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) on behalf of Microsoft, the Ninjutsu OS infringes on Microsoft copyright.

"The link leads to copyrighted material related to Microsoft. In particular, the copyrighted material in question can be found at the following link: "

This link no longer works, as Github immediately removed the project.

Note that some may think that Ninjutsu OS is a highly modified operating system that uses a pirated version of Windows 10. However, a video explaining how the software works states that users will need to use their own license to activate Windows 10 and make the modifications work properly. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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