modern OS from Microsoft very good to be true

modern OS: Microsoft introduced a keynote in Computex 2019 this week. As always, the company talked about the latest Windows 10 hardware. But Nick Parker, Microsoft's vice president of consumer and device sales, went on to describe a "modern operating system" and did not talk about Windows 10.

The keynote is not live somewhere, but Parker sums it up in a blog post of the company with the same title: “Enabling innovation and opportunity on the Intelligent Edge. "

The post includes a 321-word paragraph describing a different modern operating system, the modern OS.

What makes Microsoft's modern OS different? According to the company there are eight points to look out for:

Unlimited updates: Updates will take place in the background. The information experience will be decisive, reliable and immediate without interruption.
Safe by default: The calculation will be separated from the applications, which will protect the end user from malicious attacks.
Always connected: Wi-Fi and LTE 5G will just work. Users should never worry about dead spots. All your devices will be known and connected to each other.
Stable performance: Once you have a device, everything is ready to work. You will not have to worry about when your computer will need to be charged.
Cloud connection: Experiences that use the computing power of the cloud to improve your devices.
HAVE: These experiences are powered by the company's AI, so your device will know what you want to do tomorrow and help you do it. It will also enhance applications to become smarter.
Multiple uses: You will be able to use the pen, voice, touch, just look at the keyboard and mouse.
Usability: Proper sensor support will allow for a range of innovative applications.

modern OS

No operating system currently offers all of the above. Of course I do not think we are talking about Windows 10 or anything else that Microsoft is preparing and will be released soon.

It is rather a wish list, a vision that we will probably see come true much later. Many have tried to associate the modern OS with the rumored "Windows Lite, ”But apparently the company is talking about a completely new operating system.




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