Microsoft will take tomorrow's February update for Windows 10

Microsoft is expected to release tomorrow's security updates on the second Tuesday of this month, February 2019.


The cumulative updates to Windows 10, coming out of Microsoft every second Tuesday of each month, will include both security patches and enhancements. In other words, installing the latest cumulative update for Windows 10 will fully update your device on security issues as well as bugs.

Although there are no details about the cumulative updates released for Windows 10 (1809 version) this month, we assume that, in addition to closing all known security holes, they are expected to resolve an error that makes it impossible to open applications that use a Microsport Jet database in the Microsoft Access 97 file format.

A second bug that will logically be corrected is the failure of Microsport Edge to load local sites. Tuesday's update will be done as always through Windows Update.

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