WebXR Device API from W3C: for URLs that take you to another world

WebXR Device API: The W3C Standards Group has published specifications for adding VR and AR technologies to the Web.

The WebXR Device API will allow websites support virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, as well as head-mounted screen sensors.

So when there is collaboration with 3D content through it WebGL, a URL will be created that will take you to another world.
WebXR Device API

Most VR virtual reality developers create interactive virtual worlds on engines like Unreal and Unity.

Developers often write their projects in languages ​​like C #. WebXR (which is based on a previous work called WebVR) could develop the development of VR and AR technologies for developers familiar with tools such as Amazon Sumerian or languages ​​such as javascript.

"For the first time, the WebXR Device API will provide an opportunity for AR and VR project technologies to help people on a web scale," explains Trevor Flowers, president of the Immersive Web Community Group.

It will be great to see how millions of webmasters around the world will use their existing skills to develop a wider web.

The new WebXR application programming interface is still unstable and needs further improvement. So it is very likely that we will see another W3C model coming out later.

This project is being developed by Google's Brandon Jones and Amazon's Nell Waliczek for the team Immersive Web of the W3C.

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