Microsoft: promises more transparency & control over data

Microsoft he said three privacy improvements on April 30, 2019. Microsoft Vice President and Deputy General Manager Julie Brill posted on the official Microsoft Blog that they plan to give customers “greater transparency and control over the data used by its core products Microsoft ”.

The paradox of the article title is that Microsoft promises us more control over our data δεδο

Details. Let's go to the fairytale world of Microsoft.

Microsoft products

The three improvements relate to data categorization, greater transparency and a new six-monthly data protection report.

Brill says in her publication that the company's customers are concerned about their privacy and want to learn more about the data that Microsoft collects and how it uses this data.

In recent months we have had many questions from customers - especially those in Europe - about the data collected by their devices when they use our products and services.

So the company plans:

1. Categorize the data it collects from all its major products. Data collected will be categorized as mandatory and optional. Mandatory data will be those that are, according to Microsoft, necessary for the operation of the company's products and services.

Brill reports for example the IP address, the type and version of the device, Microsoft cloud services, and the delivery of security updates.

Customers may, in some cases, check how mandatory data is collected, depending on the services they use, e.g. if you are not using Microsoft cloud services, the company will not collect data.

2. Optional data is non-core data for the company's products or services. Microsoft customers "will be able to control the collection of optional data" without affecting the use of specific features or services.

Microsoft is once again trying to give its customers greater control over the data they collect.

Brill cites two examples of optional data: data from images embedded in Word documents to "provide better image options" and the time it takes for PowerPoint slides to appear to "enhance the slow experience".

3. Microsoft is also planning to make its users more transparent. The company plans to update the Company's Privacy Center and the Enterprise Trust Center with information about the data it collects.

Customers will then be able to view the mandatory and optional data collected from the most important Microsoft products. Explanations and descriptions will be provided to help customers understand why the data collected is mandatory or optional.

Microsoft will publish a data protection report every six months that lists the new mandatory data that Microsoft has begun to collect, as well as the data it no longer collects.

The reports will be published on the company's website for protection of private life. The changes will be seen in the coming months.




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