Microsoft unrepentant: promises transparency & does not give explanations

Microsoft has re-released the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. In announcement of the new release, instead of explaining what went wrong, Microsoft published about how excellent the quality assurance process is.

Microsoft has promised more transparency and better communication.Microsoft

Something has changed;

There is only one change in the Windows 10 development process as far as we know, and that was on October 9th. The Feedback Hub allows now Windows Insider subscribers to assess the "seriousness" of the problems they report. This will help the Windows development team better detect serious errors (such as deleting files) rather than ignoring them.

Microsoft has not announced any changes in the last month. With the re-release of the October 2018 Update, the pace of release of new releases has simply slowed down:

While the April Update had the fastest growth rate of Windows 10, we take a more measured approach with the October 2018 Update, slowing down our installation to take a closer look at device data.

Windows Update will not install the new version just because you click the "Check for Updates" button. (You can download it Update Assistant tool if you want to update right now.)

However, the company did not say whether this change will last until the next big update. He did not commit to the next time.

Microsoft promises "Transparency"

Microsoft has published a long resolution in her blog on how to ensure the quality of Windows 10. Most of this analysis describes the company's efforts to test Windows 10. Microsoft claims to be doing a great job with "Windows as a service" and claims that the number of "errors" decreases with each update.

It seems that Microsoft is trying to stop the criticism by emphasizing that it is doing a good job. For example, the company reports that it releases thousands of driver updates (for drivers) each month through Windows Update. Yes, no one objects. But there is a problem when a buggy driver is released that spoils the sound on Windows systems.

The company publication does not have specific details on what Microsoft will change, it just promises transparency:

Our focus so far has been almost exclusively on detecting and resolving problems quickly. We will increase our focus on transparency and communication. We believe in transparency as a starting point and will continue to invest in clear and regular communication with our customers when there are problems.

It is very easy for a company to promise "increased focus on transparency and communication." Companies do it constantly from public relations when they respond to problems. But that does not mean they will do it in practice.

As for Microsoft? She did not promise to change the development process of Windows 10, but announced that her blog will have explanations for the development. In other words, the company will be transparent, telling us about how well it is doing.

What Microsoft needs to do

What Windows users want is for Microsoft to understand that the Windows development process is not working. Errors keep popping up with each update, and major updates twice a year seem to make things worse.

Windows users should not be afraid to install an update. In the long history of Windows, file deletion has never happened before. How can a Windows developer write code that tells Windows 10 to delete a folder without checking if it is empty? Why wasn't this code tested before it went public? Why didn't Microsoft see the warnings from the Insiders that their files had been deleted?

So it would be good for Microsoft to understand the problem, take it seriously and make some real changes. But the company seems committed only to development and "quality assurance in Windows 10, with hard work."

After the announcement of the company, and after we realized how hard Microsoft works, we should all be much happier with the result.


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