Microsoft: Yes, we overwhelmed it with aggressive upgrading policy

Microsoft has often been criticized for how aggressive it was by offering a free upgrade to Windows 10, as there were some who reported that the new operating system was installed on their computer while they refused to upgrade.

Chris Capossela, Microsoft's Chief Marketing Officer, said in the latest version of Windows Weekly that his company was actually overwhelmed, noting that there were two very critical weeks that users began to complain repeatedly about the unexpected behavior of the new operating system.Microsoft

"Finding the right balance that doesn't go over the line to be very aggressive is something we tried very hard this year." dialog disappeared and you couldn't cancel the upgrade.

“And within a few hours of the messages of the world, with our hearing systems we knew we had gone too far. Then, of course, it took some time for us to develop an update that changes this behavior. Both of those weeks were quite painful and clearly low light for us. We obviously learned a lot from that. "

Honestly when I read this I can't stop throwing bad stuff, especially for Microsoft. But due to the days but I'll keep the tones low ...

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