MKVToolNix 20.0.0 free MKV file processing

MKVToolNix 20: MKVToolNix is ​​a free application for editing MKV files.

With the free app you can cut a large file into smaller pieces, or vice versa to join smaller pieces to a larger one. You can save the sound of MKV to Mp3 but also embed subtitles very easily.

It's a very practical tool for those who have HD movies on their PC and want to edit them. MKVToolNix 20

The developer of MKVToolnix project Moritz Bunkus announced the release of the new MKVToolnix 19.0.0. It is a bug fix release of open-source and cross-platform (Windows, Linux and Unix) application of MKV (Matroska).

MKVToolNix 20.0.0 was released just one month after the release of MKVToolNix 19.0.0 "Duel with the Devil", and seems to add a lot of new features and improvements, along with several bug fixes and some system changes.

The new MKVToolnix 20.0.0 comes with a new, much more practical GUI that supports editing video color features. The 20 version is the first update to 2018.
You can see all changes from release notes and of course to

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