The aftermath of hack to SIM Gemalto

Last Thursday, Snowden's leaks revealed that the secrets NSA and GCHQ breached the networks of the largest SIM card maker, Gemalto. Immediately after revealing the hack that the NSA and GCHQ made, the Dutch company lost 470 millions of euros due to the fall in its stock price. sim Gemalto

Gemalto appeared surprised by the revelation that the secret services had breached its systems, and stolen keys ς για εκατομμύρια SIMs are used to encrypt phone calls around the world. Gemalto supplies SIMs to 450 networks worldwide.Gemalto

The event, however, had immediate "side effects" as the Dutch company on Friday saw its share price fall eight points with the opening of the stock market before recovering slightly to minus 2,69 (3.70%) at the close.

Obtaining SIM encryption keys allows intelligence services to decrypt eavesdropping unknowingly - from users, mobile network providers, to mobile manufacturers.

The company issued a statement in which he promised the complete restoration of hack:

"At Gemalto we are very careful about malicious hackers, and we detect, record and repel many types of attacks over the years. At the moment we can not prove the hack mentioned yesterday.

But we will take this publication very seriously and devote all the resources necessary to investigate and fully understand the field ς της εν λόγω εξελιγμένης s. ”

Security Observers praised the company for its immediate and honest response and of course many people were outraged by the latest revelations about massive surveillance by GCHQ and NSA without warrants.

The World Wide Web Foundation called for urgent measures to be taken to safeguard private calls and, more generally, electronic communications.

Chief Anne Jellema said any security vulnerabilities or backdoors in a cryptographic system could also be exploited by cybercriminals, and called for an investigation into GCHQ, along with "a full and honest revelation as to why a private company based in an allied country. ”

Other security experts have warned that other secret services may be using the same . Andrew Conway, research analyst at Cloudmark, said:

"The ease with which the NSA and GCHQ have been able to disrupt all mobile communications is shocking. But there are many other sophisticated hackers who work for governments. In particular, the Chinese team Axiom has shown remarkable skills in penetrating Western targets. ”

Ultimately, it may require full redesign of mobile security comm, Conway said.

In the short term, companies that require secure voice communications may consider developing mobile devices with additional layers of encryption, such as Blackphone or Cryptophone. "In the long run, we need to do a better job of end-to-end encryption of all mobile and landline communications, not based on a single master encryption key." The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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