Pinball Museum closes permanently and puts more than 1.100 pinball machines up for auction

The Museum of Pinball, located in Banning, California, houses one of the largest collections of pinball machines. Unfortunately, this amazing toy museum is finally closing its doors and will auction more than 1.100 pinball machines.


The main owner of the museum, Mr. Chuck Casey, confirmed that he failed to secure a new location for his collection and will now be forced to auction all the machines and toys. However, this means that collectors around the world could potentially own one of the pinball games. You could get one if you want to bid on the auction.

This huge museum opened in January 2016. However, the space where it is housed does not belong to him and the owner wants to turn it into a hemp farm. The solution was to move the museum somewhere else. During the negotiations for the transfer of the museum in Palm Springs, California, the company faced several problems that it could not overcome.

As Mr. Casey put it: "All the efforts to relocate, or to sponsor or sell to a collector, have unfortunately failed. Therefore, all toys will be auctioned in the coming months. There will be an official announcement. You will be able to bid online and / or in person. The auction will take place in Banning at the Pinball Museum. Pins and vids are only sold through auction ".

It seems that the non-profit organization of the museum had to leave due to the cost and time of renovating a new building, storage costs and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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