See the locations of Starlink satellites online

See in real time the locations of the Starlink satellites of the company SpaceX through an online map of the Earth.


At this link you can see an interactive map of the Earth with all the SpaceX satellites and their locations, in real time. You can click on any satellite and see more details about it. You can also see their movement.

Although the site we are listing is not affiliated with SpaceX, it does provide real-time StarLink satellite data. All you have to do is go to the main site and then start browsing the map whichever way you want. The map supports zoom in and out, and you can rotate the globe to 360 positions to watch or analyze Starlink satellites.

The site is completely free and no registration is required. You can see which Starlink satellites are currently passing through your current location. Scroll your mouse wheel to zoom in on a location, and then click on a dot that represents the Starlink satellite. After that, he will show you all the details about him. You can see its name, boot name, norad, stop, level, status, activity and correction. You can see all the details for each satellite you see on the map.

Not only that, but you can also view the altitude history of any satellite graphically. Click on any satellite and the altitude chart history will appear on the bottom right.

Additionally there are other options on the map that you can use, such as the fixed SpaceX stations on Earth (those with the WiFi signal). Interesting is one of the two ground stations in Germany where it is stated that it is not mentioned in the official records of the company and that it was "discovered" by a fan of the genre.

There are about 1500 Starlink satellites in the sky and if you are into astronomy and things like that then you will find this map useful. Just open it, watch and watch any Starlink satellite anywhere in the world.

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