Windows 11 another Windows 8, Microsoft closes the comments

In the midst of the pandemic, Microsoft saw an increase in the popularity of Windows and probably expected that the announcement of Windows 11 would be a disaster.

Windows 11 has a new look, themes and customization options, a Start menu in the center of the screen. There is a lot to look like in the new operating system, other than the hardware requirements. Windows 11 come with rather unexpected hardware requirements.

Windows 11 11

Microsoft requirements for Windows 11 have not been properly announced and some users are unsure if their devices can be upgraded to the new operating system. As we recently mentioned, Microsoft has released a video explaining the new requirements and that users will not be able to circumvent these restrictions.

For those unfamiliar, Windows 11 currently supports Intel 8th generation processors or later, AMD Zen 2 or later, and Qualcomm 7/8 Series. Microsoft is convinced that only devices with newer processors meet its principles for the security and reliability of Windows 11 and so "older devices will be excluded."

The company plans to check the compatibility of the hardware you use with Windows Update before you can install Windows 11. What will happen is known: A compatibility error will appear on the screen of any device that does not meet the requirements.

Representatives of Microsoft said they understand that this is frustrating, but they are implementing these policies to ensure a quality experience.

Microsoft noted that Windows 11 is a major security-focused upgrade, and that these requirements provide not only better performance but also security.

Microsoft has confirmed that traditional bypass methods will not work. Some users can now bypass the requirements and download feature updates to Windows 11 by modifying Group Policy. However, according to the company, the minimum requirements of Windows 11 can not be bypassed through the editing of the political group, when they are released:

This group policy will not allow you to bypass the hardware requirements for Windows 11. We will continue to exclude you from upgrading your device if it is not supported because we really want to ensure that your devices remain secure.

As you can imagine, many are not happy with Microsoft's explanation. In the comments to the video released by Microsoft, people are essentially asking the company to reverse these requirements. After the comments were deactivated.

Some users said that "Windows 11 will be the other Windows 8", while others criticized Microsoft's explanations for the minimum requirements. "These requirements are just a marketing ploy," says another Microsoft user.

Others wondered is it a ploy to push customers to buy new machines and therefore new licenses.

The answer to such a thought may depend on how cynical you think tech companies have become.

So far, the unlisted video on YouTube has not been well received by Microsoft customers as more than 600 people did not like it (74 liked it).

The requirements of Windows 11 can still be bypassed… but the process will not be simple

It is very likely that developers and users will eventually find some way to bypass the requirements but it will not be simple. For example, it would be possible to bypass the requirements by modifying the installation media (.ISO).

However, Windows Update, Media Creation Tool, Registry, and Group Policy will not work.

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