NASA green light for building a home on Mars

Earlier this month, the US Congress announced it has raised the budget for NASA from 1,3 billion to 19,3 billion dollars 2016. The over-increased amount shows that the US has great plans for the red planet. mars nasa

Today it has been known that 55 million dollars from the total budget will be spent on exploring a space-based homeowner for astronauts on Mars, according to a SpaceNews publication.

The organization will have until 2018 to create a home-based bill according to a bill Congressional 2016 omnibus. NASA should also begin informing Congress about its progress in Project 180 days after the start of work.

NASA is already working with companies such as Boeing and Bigelow Aerospace to create habitats in space, but with the new bill, and extra money could be forced to speed things up to conform to Congressional wishes.

At the moment, you have to use your imagination to guess how homes will look like Mars, said NASA's Space Space Director at Space News, as it is too early to release any mock-ups.

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