New laser technology detects alcohol in moving cars

A new publication in Journal of Applied Remote Sensing describes a device laser which can detect traces of alcohol vapors in moving cars. The researchers even report that there is a high probability of being a valuable tool for detecting drunk drivers.

laser alcohol

The device is the intellectual child of the Military University of Technology researchers in Warsaw, Poland.

As detailed in Press release of the Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, detection is possible remotely through chemical and biological compounds that occur with the aid of the laser.

Scientists from the Military Technology University claim they have already tried it laser their device in conditions similar to those existing on a street, and appear to have very promising results.

So they report using the device to successfully detect alcohol vapor concentrations even at the low level of 0,1%.
The vapors of alcohol in the moving car that he managed laser the device to detect had a temperature similar to that of the alcohol vapors exhaled by a driver. Therefore, they argue that their device could help locate people who drive under the influence of alcohol.

In addition, as the researchers report, "In the future, a similar technology to be developed for the detection of various other chemicals will be able to detect drivers under the influence of other toxic substances."

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The only downside to using this device that can identify cars containing alcohol vapors is that the police could stop cars whose drivers are totally sober but that they carry passengers in a state of drunkenness.

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