New oclHashcat 3.20 The fastest Cracker password

New oclHashcat 3.20: OclHashcat is one of the fastest password violation tools that uses GPU to "decode" md5crypt, phpass, mscash2, and WPA / WPA2.

The first and only one that uses the GPGPU rule engine.hashcat

For those of you who know the tool, and you are looking for ocleashat-plus, you should know that this version has been removed (long ago), but all of its services are available at oclashashcat.

The application runs on all versions of Windows and Linux on 32 and 64 bit. presents this tool to protect your systems and ONLY for that reason. We are against any kind of malicious use of the tool.

We should mention that Jens Steube, creator of the crack toolkit, Haschcat, announced that its application and all its derivatives will now be available with open source licensing.

"The final reason I decided to open the code was to implement bitsliced ​​DES GPU kernels," Steube tells forum on his site.

“To achieve maximum performance and performance, salt must be integrated into the kernel during compilation […] This means that the kernel must be compiled at runtime by the user's system. This kind of kernel adjustment can be adjusted to salt / hash only if the source code is available. "

Below you will find the download links for the new version:

  Supports your USB 3.0 PC?
Name version Signature Date
hashcat binaries v3.20 PGP 2016.12.02
hashcat sources v3.20 PGP 2016.12.02

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