Krita 2.9.8 free image editor

Developers of the powerful, free, open-source Krita digital art software announced the release of the eighth edition for the 2.9 series.

krita 298

According to release notes posted on October 14 by the developers of the application, the Krita 2.9.8 mainly contains bugfix that solves many of the issues reported by users from the previous version of 2.9.7 software, but it also includes various not-obvious improvements.

Among the changes applied to 2.9.8 Criteria, we can mention a bunch of major fixes to its Photoshop-like appearance, multiple performance improvements when adding new layers, various improvements to import and export filters for OpenEXR, JPEG, PNG and TIFF , and more accurate rotation terminology either in the layer or in the image.

The program can run in Windws, Linux, Mac OSX environments for both the X64 or X86 architectures.

Download the 2.9.8 Criteria application depending on your operating system from the download links that exist here. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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