NOVA – WIND HELLAS completion of the merger in the coming weeks

A press release released by NOVA states that the absorption of the company by WIND HELLAS will be completed in the coming weeks. Read the press release below:nova wind

The Companies "NOVA MONOPROSSOPI S.A.", "NOVA BROADCASTING MONOPROSSOPI S.A." and "WIND HELLAS TELECOMMUNICATIONS S.A.E.V.E." are Members of the United Group, the largest provider of telecommunications and pay TV services in Southeast Europe. The acquisition of exclusive control of the above Companies by United Group has been approved by the European Commission (Case M.9866 / decision C(2020) 5688/13.08.2020 & Case M.10475 / decision of 21.12.2021) and since then the three companies operate independently in the Greek market.

The United Group aims at the greatest possible development of the activities of the above Companies in Greece and at maximizing their value in the Greek market. For this purpose it envisioned the creation of a single strong and competitive provider in the field of providing combined electronic communications services, information society services and subscription services
audiovisual content.

The creation of this single entity is the result of many months of careful planning, which is to be completed within the next few weeks. This intra-speech transformation will take place in her form
merger through absorption of "NOVA MONOPROSOPI S.A." and "NOVA BROADCASTING MONOPROSOPI S.A." (hereinafter "Absorbed" or "NOVA" and "NOVA BROADCASTING") by "WIND HELLAS TELEPOKINONIES MONOPROSSOPI A.E.V.E." (in the
hereinafter "Absorber" or "WIND"), in accordance with the current legislative framework governing corporate transformations (articles 7-21 and 35 of Law 4601/2019, Law 4548/2018 as well as the provisions of article 54 of Law 4172/2013).

In the context of the completion of the imminent merger, the greatest emphasis is placed on business continuity and on ensuring the smooth transition of the subscribers of the absorbed companies to the operating systems of
absorbing, in order for them to continue receiving their services without interruption. For this purpose and in full compliance with the current legislative framework for the protection of personal data, we inform the subscribers of the absorbed companies about the transfer of their personal data to WIND's information systems. The relevant actions to consolidate the systems and procedures between the three Companies will have no effect on the rights of subscribers, except for the fact that in the place of NOVA and NOVA BROADCASTING,

will be after the completion of the merger with universal succession WIND, which will now be renamed "NOVA TELECOMMUNICATIONS & MEDIA MONOPROSOPI S.E." and distinctive title "NOVA M.A.E.", hereinafter New NOVA.

After the completion of the merger, Nea NOVA will be the sole controller of the data of
subscribers of the absorbed companies, being subject to all relevant obligations towards them in accordance with national and European legislation for the protection of personal data.

In the interim and until the completion of the merger, NOVA, NOVA BROADCASTING and WIND will temporarily act as joint controllers of subscribers' personal data for the above purposes.

In particular, we inform our subscribers of the following: Identity & contact details of joint controllers

1) WIND HELLAS TELECOMMUNICATIONS S.A.E.V.E., Headquarters: 106 Athinon St., Athens, P.O. 104 42, A.F.M.: 099936189, DOU: FAE of Athens
2) NOVA M.A.E.", Headquarters: Atthidon 4, Kallithea 17671, A.F.M. 094444827, DOU FAE Piraeus
3) "NOVA BROADCASTING M.A.E.", Headquarters: 106 Athinon St., Athens, P.O. 104 42, A.F.M. 998179538 D.O.Y.FAE of Athens

Categories of personal data to be transmitted to Nea NOVA

The data already collected and processed by NOVA and NOVA BROADCASTING within the framework of its contracts with subscribers, as detailed in the existing Privacy Policy, which is available at the following link

Purpose and legal basis of data processing

The transmission of the data to Nea NOVA and its processing by it aims to ensure business continuity and the uninterrupted provision of services in the context of the completion of the merger with universal succession.

The transfer is necessary both for the performance of the contractual obligations that the absorbing companies have undertaken towards their subscribers, and for the fulfillment of their legal interest in ensuring the orderly and timely completion of the merger for the benefit of their subscribers as well, who will
they continue to enjoy all of their services, without perceiving the slightest change in terms of pricing and quality thereof, while the merger is in progress and after its completion.

Rights relating to Personal Data

Until the merger is completed, subscribers can at any time contact the relevant department via email at the following address in order to request any clarifications, as well as to exercise the following rights:

a) The right of access, in order to be informed in relation to the categories of their personal data, the purposes of processing, the recipients of the data, the retention time and the imminent transmission to Nea NOVA.
b) The right to rectification, in order to correct any errors, inaccuracies and omissions in their data.
c) The right to erasure, in order to have their personal data deleted from Nea NOVA's files.
d) The right to restrict the processing of their personal data for a specific purpose, subject to the more specific conditions and limitations provided for in the legislation for the protection of personal data.
e) The right to portability, in order to receive their data and transmit it to a third party.
f) The right to object to the processing of their personal data in the context of the merger. In this case, if they exercise the right to object, the joint controllers will weigh the reasons invoked by the subscriber and satisfy their relevant right, unless it appears that the legitimate interest in completing the merger outweighs the particular reasons invoked the subject to stop processing.

In the event that subscribers consider that their personal data is affected, they have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority (Kifisias no. 1-3, PO Box 115 23, Athens, tel. 210 6475600, email contact@dpa .gr).

After the completion of the Merger and given that Nea NOVA will have succeeded in all the obligations and rights of NOVA and NOVA BROADCASTING, subscribers will be able to exercise their above rights either by sending an e-mail to dpo@nova .gr or by post to the address 106 Athinon St., Athens, Attica, P.O. 104 42. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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