The official NSA account at GitHub!

The National Security Service (NSA), the US intelligence service, eventually decided to create an official page at GitHub.

The NSA employs generic coders and brilliant mathematicians who work to break codes, gather information from everyone, and develop hacking tools such as EternalBlue leaked by Shadow Brokers in April and used by WannaCry ransomware last month.NSA

The secret service is mostly underground, but following the spills of Edward Snowden 2013, the NSA began (slowly) to exist for the world. He created a Twitter account the same year after Snowden leaks and now opened an account at Github.

GitHub is an online service designed to share code between developers and the open source community. So far, the NSA shares 32 different projects under the Technology Transfer Program (TPP) of an NSA technology transfer program (TTP), some of which will come "soon".

"The Technology Transfer Program (TTP) works with innovative organizations who wish to use this collaborative model to transfer their technology to the commercial market," the service said on the program page.

Many of the projects provided by the service have been known for years and have leaked to the Internet for quite some time. For example, SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) has been part of the Linux kernel for years.

Some of the NSA's open source projects are listed below:

Certificate Authority Situational Awareness (CASA): A simple tool that recognizes unexpected and forbidden authorization certificates on Windows systems.
Control Flow Integrity: Hardware-based technique to avoid exploits that target memory.
GRASSMARLIN: To understand the status of IP networks in ICS and SCADA networks and to support network security.
Open Attestation: A project to remotely recover and verify the integrity of the system using the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
RedhawkSDR: It is a software framework (SDR) that provides tools for the development and management of real-time radio software applications.
OZF Widget Framework (OWF): It is basically a web application that runs in the browser and allows users to create a lightweight widget and have easy access to all of their online tools from a web page.

You can see the full list of NSA projects from the link below

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