New oclHashcat 1.32 The fastest password Cracker

New oclHashcat 1.32: The oclHashcat is one of the fastest password violation tools that uses GPU to "decode" md5crypt, phpass, mscash2, and WPA / WPA2. The first and only one to use GPGPU rule engine.oclHashcat 1.32

Those of you who know the tool and look for it oclHashcat-plus, you should know that particular version has been abolished but all of its services are in oclHashcat. The application runs on all versions of Windows and Linux on 32 and 64 bit. presents this tool to protect your systems and ONLY for that reason. We are against any kind of malicious use of the tool.

Download latest version

Name version md5sum Date
oclHashcat for AMD v1.32 4f13488acc8ed17ea518a9dec8ea8761 2015.01.15
oclHashcat for NVidia v1.32 86a211be26579370813048aaf3698ee6 2015.01.15

Changelog v1.31 -> v1.32

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