Old Computer: Online Old Computer Museum

The Old Computer Museum is your gateway to the past, especially if you are one of the nostalgia for ancient technology. Sorry for those I hurt .. we all grow up .. :)

The peculiar museum is essentially an online collection of tons of information on the progressive evolution of computer technology. You will find timeless classic models such as MITS Altair 8800 from 1975, 20 Commodore VIC-1981, 520 Atari 1985ST and many other antiques from 1970 to 1995.Old Computer

What is special about the online museum is that, in addition to images, information and the list of ancient computer specifications, occasionally there are attempts to present the marketing of the season with several vintage advertisements.

From 2002, the online museum has visited over 27 millions of times. As you will notice, the website still uses the design that had its day on the internet, so the browsing experience is much more authentic.

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